Ever since I was little entertainment has been in my blood. My mom tells stories of me being three years old sitting on the sidewalk singing Donna Summers verbatim. I began training as actress at the age of 7. I did not obtain representation until my 16th birthday. That’s when my career in the industry started with a bang.

I signed with my agency on a Monday, went on my first audition on Tuesday and began shooting my first commercial on Wednesday. From there, I went on to do commercials, industrial films, background work for television, and later even recording and performing with local artists in LA and Orange County. Mz. Limitless comes from my love of all forms of entertainment. I love to do it all!

After graduating high school I took a couple classes in college before meeting and falling in love with my now husband. I dropped out of the entertainment industry to focus on being a wife and mother. Along the way I never lost my love of entertainment. I went on to design talent portfolios and an industry site called Shanturn Talent, dedicated to providing the tools and resources talent needed to get ahead in the industry. While raising my family, I continued to do work in the entertainment industry behind the scenes. Now that my children are all now in high school, I feel comfortable with resuming my dreams in the entertainment industry.

Laura Mz. Limitless TurnerIf you want to know more about me or what I do, feel free to email me at: info@mzlimitless.com.

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