Valentine_Day_heart-shaped_gifts_eps_vectorWell it’s that time of year again. Love is in the air, spring is around the corner, and Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14, 2010. That’s just 27 days away. I could’ve sworn the year just started and already we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs. B-Day. Wow, time flies when you’re getting ahead in life. Speaking of getting ahead in life…

Some of you out there are trying to figure out the perfect gift to get for that special person. While some of you are taking it a step further and trying to figure out how to ask that special person to be yours for the rest of your lives. Awe — how romantic.

Some of you may have a knack for being all things sweet and mushy. Some of you may need some help. Always remember to keep it simple. Always speak from your heart and be true to yourself. When all else fails try this… Click Here!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY (a lil early but at least I can say I said it!)

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