What Are You Hiding Behind Your Bookcase?

private storageIf you have these in your house, just what are you hiding behind your bookcase?

I’ve been drooling over cool features to add to the new space and place.

This is a definite must have.

We’ve got teenagers!

Though they give me my space after begging, bribing, and pleading for them to leave, I want to have a private space that is all mine and hidden from the rest of the house.

This is where I will go to read, write, meditate, and just be myself.

The idea of creating a bookcase as a door to my meditation room is a cool concept indeed.

The mechanics of the above design were created by Reversica and are used for flat screen t.v. displays as well.

Yep! Must build one of these!

Thanks for the awesome idea Lumberjocks.com.

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