Tyra, 50 Cent, Vivica Fox & the Spit Take

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Now on to business…

u1_50CentTyraShow2In my in box I see the headline, “50 Cent to Get Back with Vivica Fox?” My first thought is that, “Oh hell naw they ain’t back together.” I immediately took it as they were going to be in a movie or music video together and such is exactly the case.

50 Cent appeared on the Tyra Banks show and gave a very entertaining performance all the while tryna holla at Ms. Banks. Last time I heard she had a man, but what would Fif care right?! Besides, all was in jest. Or was it? Either way who cares cuz they’re both grown and can do WTH they want to. It really isn’t any of our business. Although we do just like to be all up in they business.
Anyways… Check out the video for a good laugh.

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