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Potato Topped w/Beef Chorizo, Bacon, & Cheddar Jack Cheese

Chorizo, bacon, and cheese topped potato

Decided to make a potato and top it with some beef chorizo, bacon chunks, cheddar jack cheese, sour cream, and green onions. Who knew something so simple would taste so good… and be so filling… This woman!

This is what happens in my kitchen, for snack time, on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I didn’t want yogurt and nuts and I didn’t pick up trail mix. I did pick up a 10lb bag of the most perfectly sized potatoes ever. I’m good with being unconventional about what I eat, if it means my body gets to reap the benefits.

In an effort to revive, I will be posting more of my daily recipes, exercises, writing, and production projects. There is a lot going on to keep me busy and you entertained. Til next time, eat good food, laugh, and love.

Mz. Limitless πŸ™‚





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