Pharrell Talks Labels & Susan Boyle w/Bill Werde

Pharrell recently did an exclusive interview with Billboard Editor, Bill Werde. In the interview he discusses his views on the music industry. I was impressed with Pharrell touching on the Susan Boyle situation in regards to record labels and their obsession with aesthetics and not talent.

Why is it that labels are only interested in signing beautiful people under 25 to label deals? What happened to the good old days where it was all about the music and the talent? It used to be if you could sing, you could get a deal. Now if you are under 25, look good, can act, can model, can run a business, can create a hook worthy enough to be a sellable ringtone, THEN AND ONLY THEN can you get a deal. The birth of the 360 deal changed the game. The jury is out on if it really is for the better or not. (Stay tuned for the article in the upcoming music issue of J’Adore Magazine.) I’m in the mindset that if someone has that raw talent that we all thurst to hear, who cares what they look like. If they have the drive to make it in this business give them their shot. Maybe that’s why records aren’t selling the way they used to. Is it possible that people are settling for the music they listen to because they don’t feel they can get anything better than whats out? Now don’t get me wrong… There are some extremely talented artists out right now. There is some really innovative music being produced and I love, love, loves it! However, there is also a lot of hot garbage being played right now. It begs the question, has the industry become more about making a quick buck from the young beautiful people than it is on giving consumers what they really deserve… GOOD MUSIC FROM TRULY TALENTED PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY LOOK OR HOW OLD THEY ARE?

Speak on it!
Mz. Limitless :o)

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