When I first heard about Ocean’s 7 I immediately told my publisher about the idea of doing a piece on them. I mean really… How hot is that??? Jermain Dupri (The General), Bryan Michael Cox (Leon Phelps, The Texas Ranger), Nelly (Mo Green), Johnta Austin (J. Sinatra), Tyrone (InTYNational), Trey Songz (Songz 007-11), and Usher (Delight) as the Ocean’s 7. Them in Vegas… It’s a wrap. I loved it from the first glance. Their swag, their sound, its a movement. It’s a wave of all that’s new and headed our way. The industry needed a switch up. So watch out for that J’Adore Music Issue coming out in August ’09. Ocean’s 7… It’s truly Limitless ova here!!!


Mz. Limitless : o )

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