No Doodling Allowed Says NYC School and Arrests 12 Year Old Girl

*Feb 04 - 00:05*“I love my babies Abby and Faith. Lex was here 2/1/10. :)” Those were the words that 12 year old Alexa Gonzalez was arrested for writing, in erasable marker, on a school desk. What it came down to is the school over-reacted to a situation that could have been very easily diffused without ever having to involve the police.

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If writing on a desk is considered to be graffiti ok I get that. That makes sense to me. The difference between graffiti and what Ms. Gonzalez did is there is no money involved in removing what she did. No tax payers had to spend money on sandblasting a building. The desk was in no way damaged to the point where it causes a loss in monetary value. The punishment was very simple. Ms. Gonzalez should have simply erased what she wrote and been sentenced to detention and desk clean up. Instead she was put in handcuffs and humiliated like she was a criminal. To top it off they had this young girl do community service. To say that Alexa has learned a life altering lesson is an understatement.

Should the school have to pay for what they put Alexa and Moraima Comacho through, unnecessarily? YES! If the teacher just took two minutes to breath and assess the situation the punishment that took me all of 30 seconds to establish could have been delivered. We know that everyone is frustrated with the economic system and the amount of lack in seemingly every sector of life. This is in no way an excuse to allow your frustration to so cloud your judgement that you erroneously inflict what in this case is clearly cruel and unusual punishment for the crime committed.

Suing the school however does not come without it’s pros and cons. How much did this incicent cost the police department, the city, and the school? Though I wholeheartedly believe that all parties involved should be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof, I don’t know how much of a benefit it is to sue in this situation. Then there is the question of: What type of punishment is fitting enough for this type of situationm that won’t hurt innocent people unnecessarily?

A girl was arrested and sentenced to jail time for taking pictures of a fight and posting them on YouTube. She was in no way involved with the fight. Problem is she could have called someone and reported it. She didn’t. This situation is the same for the simple fact that there were individuals that could have prevented this situation from happening the way that it did. For whatever reason, they chose to have a 12 year old girl arrested for writing she loves her friends in erasable green ink on a desk. Hindsight is always 20/20. Wonder what those people are thinking now?

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