Mz. Limitless on Acting and Writing

This weekend was filled with relaxation, enlightenment, and productivity.

There are so many projects that I am working on now, I’ve decided to start my social activity here and share from there.

Mz. Limitless
is what I am, simply because I do not feel like I must be categorized into one way of earning a living.

film productionRecently I realize that I have missed ‘reading lines’. I have decided to take all of my talents more seriously and have decided to rebuild my portfolio to begin auditioning again.

Acting is one of my first loves.

For me it has always been about being able to switch into the personality of someone else and take on their emotions, their situations, and express them as my own. And then being able to release all that and simply be me again. Yeah, it’s time to get back to that.

I had planned on submitting to the Monologue Slam going on during the Hollywood Black Film Festival in October.

Unfortunately, I became very ill and was unable to submit by the deadline.

No worries, there are other opportunities that lie ahead.

Simple Karma the BookRight now, I am writing the first of my two novels, Simple Karma. These two books will become my first two screenplays.

Not to mention I really do love blogging and have missed that too.

I’ll be posting more regularly as I get back into the swing of being my old self again.

If someone needs me to write an article or two for their magazine and I have the time and the creativity available, I’ve been doing that too.

I just wrote a pitch for a friend the other day. Praying her plan works out for her company and her clients.

I’m remembering how much fun I have with words, sentences, emotions, and the lens.

Subscribe, Follow-Me, and Bookmark me as thing are about to get really interesting around Mz. Limitless.

Love & Light~

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