MARC MALKIN/E-ONLINE: Tiger Woods: What Should Elin Do With the Ring?

I saw this post and I had to weigh in. BUT… as always happens, a simple little comment turned into a blog of it’s own and here we are so… proceed!


Today 11:59 AM PST by Marc Malkin

If Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s Barbados wedding cost $1.5 million, we can only imagine what the golf champion paid for the now MIA wedding ring.

And it’s probably safe to assume that Elin isn’t about to reveal what she’s done with the sparkler. However, Elle magazine’s famed (and hilarious) advice columnist E. Jean Carroll has an idea.

“I’m guessing she’s so pissed off, she’s destroyed it,” Carroll tells us. “She’s probably thrown in it into a fire or taken a hammer to it.”

But get this, Carroll doesn’t think Elin will divorce Woods…

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Let’s get one thing clear, she’s not just going to up and leave him without thinking about it first. Another thing she ain’t gonna do is give up some money! Though she was pissed as hell at him, I don’t know that she took a hammer to it. Chucked it at him or threw it off the nearest bridge maybe. Although, I can see the anger behind the hammer swing being very therapeutic. Who knows what she did with it!!! One thing I do know… if it’s gone, destroyed, whatever, and she does decide to stay…you can best believe a new sparkly will be on that finger when she’s ready to wear it!

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