Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Lawsuit…

I’m really upset that this fight has been canceled. I was looking forward to checking this one out. YES, ya girl is into boxing. Haven’t had a chance to watch much lately and have never been to a live fight. This was going to be my first. So when they called the fight dead yesterday, it was a sad reality. To now hear that Pacquiao is going to sue Mayweather for defamation is like — really?


I don’t know how detrimental it would be to have blood drawn within 30 days of the match so I can’t speak to his health concerns. However, it is my understanding that Mayweather Jr. never made any direct statement saying that Pacquiao was in fact taking any performance enhancing drugs. That would have been Mayweather Sr. However, the PC thing to have done to have avoided any type of lawsuit would have been for Mayweather Jr. to put out a statement saying that though he respects his father, he is not accusing Pacquiao of any performance enhancing drug use, but the testing would prove things either one way or another. And even so, to sue for defamation when Mayweather is subjecting himself to the same testing seems a little like BITCHASSNESS to me especially when the lawsuit didn’t come up until people began questioning Pacquiao because of the stink being made over blood testing within 30 days of the fight. Then you have Pacquiao’s camp making statements such as, “He is desperate to protect his legacy, and could not face the prospect of possible defeat,” Ariza said. “Even though there is $40?million (£25?million) on offer for him in this fight, Mayweather’s mindset means he may not be able to cope with the idea of having a loss on his record.” Come on boys. Let’s play nice and take it to the ring so you can give your fans what they want… that edge of your seat match to kick off 2010!!!


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