Lil Wayne Makes Sex a Prerequisite to Sign to Young Money?

wayne_twistNow please let’s get something straight right now. Last time I checked the website said Mz. Limitless. That means this is my spot to talk about basically whatever I feel like talking about. That also means that I get to voice my feelings and opinions about whatever I want. It doesn’t mean that what I am saying is gospel. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am merely stating how I feel about certain things.

Having said that… has a video clip of Lil Wayne talking about being raped at 11. This is a really deep subject so I was really curious about the context of the topic. So naturally I had to check it out.

The intro should have prepared me for the actual clip, but it didn’t so needless to say here are MY OPINIONS. You may feel free to post your opinions too. Everyone has a right to say what they feel, but just keep it respectful please because even though you may hate me, I love you!

Now I don’t know Twist and I don’t know Wayne and I don’t know Young Money, but I do know that I was fine with the video until it came to 1:04. Wayne makes the comment, “It ain’t cause you a male, it ain’t cause you fifteen, you’re supposed to cause you’re Young Money. You’re supposed to. F**k that ni**a.” Is it now a pre-requisite that our youth be “fu**in” in order to make their dreams come true? How does this set any type of example for our kids today that want to make it in the business? I know that I wouldn’t want my child to feel pressured or torn between his career and his morals.


Wayne, as an artist, you’re the epitome of a rock star. You’re creatively ingenious. You have created some of the sickest metaphors. As a mentor though, you suck. Who’s to say that you wanted or meant to be a mentor? The only thing you truly try to be is Lil Wayne. Everything else is created through the eyes of the media, the fans, and the bloggers right? So though I appreciate you keepin it truly 100, though you said it, I hope you let Twist decide when he’s ready to do whatever he decides to do. I know you got the Insemination Tour going on right now and babies are truly a beautiful blessing, but Wayne please let Twist grow up first before he becomes a father. Get him an account at This way if he has the Young Money mentality to wanna “F**k every girl in the world,” at least he can do so without helping to further increase the population of single parent children in the world today.

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