Lil Mama Disses Beyonce, Jay, and Alicia

Whoa, whoa, whoa… WTF!

Lil’ Mama wow. You know I tried to give it to ya because I know you can get wrapped up in the moment and like “lose” ya self in it. The thing of it is, you totally and completely disrespected that man’s wife on TV number one. Number two, you walked up on stage in a moment meant to be shared by those that created it, practiced it, and performed it and for what reason? I’m in awe right now by the plain and simple fact that you disrespected Bey, Jay, and Alicia in such a blatant way on TV. That wasn’t a love or respect thing for either of the artists. That was more like you sh*t on the moment and for that I’m left here sayin, in the words of Ed Lover, “Are you serious son? Come on son? Really son?” Shout out to Ed Lover!

For those who some how have still missed it, Empire State of Mind… So loves it! RocNation!

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