Lil Kim Wants to Know Why Nicki Minaj is Obsessed w/Her?!?!


So Lil Kim posted this up on what is supposedly her Facebook page right. She is obviously not tryin’, but successfully takin’ jabs at Ms. Minaj. My thing is what’s with all the hate? Though I will give it to Kim that yeah, it would seem like Nicki is following your style in some ways. However, being the “Queen Bee” I would have expected you to come out with a line like, “BARBIE: Bum Ass Replica Bitch Imitating Everyones Swag”. When you feel someone has stepped on your toes you make it a point to “sting like a bee.” Though in this case is the sting warranted?

Though Nicki is no Lil Kim and is not tryin’ to be, because she is a female rapper and has a swag that is even remotely similar to Lil Kim’s she’s always going to be looked at as if she is swagga jackin’. Nicki the Ninja is her own BOSS and runnin’ things is what she plans to do. Life is too short and this industry is too damn fickle for these damn cat fights going on these days. What would be some isht is for y’all to squash this non-beef and do a track together that would drive the dudes crazy. However, now I’m day dreamin’ and askin’ for too damn much ain’t I!?!

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    December 15, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    It would be nice if Kim could show a little love to someone she probably inspired 10 years ago. No 13 year old should have been listening to the Notorious KIM, but it was a classic… and either way… Nicki is the new face of raw sex appeal. Trina’s not tripping.

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