Well this morning started with the release of T.I. This evening it continues with the re-launch of KING Magazaine. Yes, yes y’all read me correctly. King Magazine will be re-launching for the the new year with their new magazine called The Women of King.


I know there will be a lot of happy men, my hubby included, for the holidays. I was sad to hear about King sealing it’s pages, but am oh so ecstatic to see them breathing life back into the brand. They got my vote and I can’t wait to see the new look!

The “Illest Men’s Magazine Ever” is back! Hits newsstands December 24, 2009. Check out a preview here…

KING magazine is back! The “Illest Men’s Magazine Ever” is officially relaunching right on time for the holiday season.

This incarnation, newly christened “The Women of KING”, has undergone a few changes. To whet the appetite of the brand’s devoted fans, the magazine will be released four times a year. More importantly, like the new title suggests, The Women of KING will focus on the beautiful women that populate hip-hop’s biggest videos as well as the entertainment and modeling industry, as it did before.

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