J’ADORE MAGAZINE ARTICLES: Richard “Professir X” Gaskin’s

I have to say that of all the interviews I’ve conducted, this is one that really touched me in ways I didn’t expect. Richard is a beautiful spirit not letting his disabilities handicap his dreams.richardgaskinA tragic shooting makes Richard “Professir X” Gaskin prove there is life after paralysis.

Life is a series of events compiled together to teach you lessons. The trials and tribulations that we go through in life are merely tests of strength, focus, patience, understanding, diligence and other facets. To be able to take a bad situation and turn it into something great is a symbol of having faith in their abilities to achieve greatness. Journey with J’Adore as we see how Richard “Professir X” Gaskin has turned a life-altering accident of paralysis into the foundation of his new life’s purpose: to prove through his website (www.professirx.com), self-made documentaries (A City Called Heaven), music, initiatives (I Believe Inc.) and advocacy of Stem Cell Research that the there is an exciting, productive life that can break out of the confines of a wheelchair.

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