J’ADORE MAGAZINE ARTICLES: Stevie Williams – Chairman of the Board

Wow… I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated, but I’ve been super busy. That is a beautiful thing and I’ll get to share it with you all very soon. However, I gotta share with you one of the most enlightening interviews I’ve done for J’Adore Magazine to date… STEVIE WILLIAMS.

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His story is incredible. Birthing a little skater dude myself, as a parent, you often times overlook how a simple decision you make will affect your child’s life. Stevie grew up in a single parent environment where his dreams were not met with optimism and support. Stevie’s mom didn’t think that skating would lead him anywhere but down the wrong path. Stevie had to look outside of his family dynamic for the support and approval he was seeking. As you can see, he’s definitely found it and in a big way!

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