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In the Ohh So Limitless Zone: Celebrity Deaths – FOR THE “THINKERS, SEERS, DREAMERS, ETC…”

The past week has been a complete jumble of emotions.  From things with my career, family, and personal life, day to day is crazy enough.  Throw in the death of three major celebrities and L.A. rush hour traffic all into one day and your life can be altered forever.

That’s where I was when I first learned about Michael Jackson.  I was sitting in traffic behind an accident trying to get to an interview.  The sitting caused me to need to get gas sooner than later so I pulled off the freeway. I had to drive a bit to find a gas station.  Once I did, they were doing construction, so things were over congested and re-routed.  While I sat and waited to pump the gas I got a text from my friend Los telling me Michael Jacskon was dead.  I was like no way.  I hadn’t heard it on the radio.  So I called my mother and asked her to look at the news or the internet and she told me he was in the hospital but hadn’t been pronounced dead.  The whole mood of the day changed.  It was literally like the complete feel of the energy all around me shifted and became dazed, confused, bewildered even.

Now late due to accidents, traffic, and road construction I’m in the elevator of the building where my interview was being held.  I opened my mouth and asked the couple in the elevator if they had heard about Michael Jackson.  They replied, “Yes.”  At the exact time they replied I felt like my elevator car of energy dropped two floors for no apparent reason.  I stood there for a second and took a deep breath and shook it off.  This is just weird, so weird, so surreal I was thinking.  I’m rescheduling my interview with my subjects assistant and I’m overcome with the most immense feeling of sadness, shock, and disbelief.  He’s not dead its the media getting ahead of themselves again.  Sadly he was gone.  Then my husband tells me that Farrah Fawcet had died too.  I was too busy getting ready for my interview I didn’t even know.  Then to come home and find out that Ed McMahon was dead too.  The energy I now felt really “gray”.

Needless to say, I developed pain right between my eyes.  The following day I develop pain in my neck and back.  Now I know that it is from the stretching and twisting I’ve been doing this week.  It didn’t stop me from pondering about the affect of energy on the body when you’re sick, happy, in pain, etc.  Then I began to think about the energy when a person dies.  What about the energy of all the people around that person.  Then I started to think of all the people in mourning right now.  Then I log on to my computer for the first time since Friday after my last interview to find that Billy Mays is dead at 50.  WTF?!?!?!?

So I pose this question to you thinkers, seers, dreamers etc.:  There is a ton of energy in the air from the deaths of four big celebrities.  This burst of energy has opened up windows of other energy as well.  For those that use it, you know that extra energy is always a wonderful thing to have.  However, when the energy comes from a person’s death, is it wrong to use that energy in a positive way for yourself or even others?  If it is ok, then how should energy like that be harnessed and used most effectively?  Can you use it to heal?  Can you use it to create?  Can you use it to transcend to new levels?

Just something to ponder over!

Mz. Limitless : o )

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