Get Involved…Help Ashton Help End U.S. Hunger

If you are a friend to Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, Google, or Facebook, then I’m sure you have heard about the End U.S. Hunger cause. Well my family and I are doing what we can to get involved. If you have ever been short on cash and worried about how to feed your family, then you can understand the urgency of this cause. There are many charities and non profit organizations doing what they can to help fight “world” hunger. What about those who are going hungry right here in the United States? We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but we have millions of children going without food right here at home each and everyday. There is something you can do to help. Visit and check out the videos people are uploading to help Ashton reach his goal to achieve corporate support to help end U.S. hunger. My kids have put together their own video to do their part. It’s time for you to do yours!

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