Gay Detectives Mother Booted From Church

ridgedale church of christSo I was looking for information for a number of things I’m working on at the moment, when I came across a headline that read, ‘Gay detective’s mother booted from church’.

WTH is this world coming to?

I’m a member of the Church of Christ and should hope no members of my home or away churches are ever treated in this way. This is unrighteousness at its religious best!

Ridgedale Church of Christ exiled Linda Cooper from her church home of decades, because she supported her gay daughter as she fought for her legal right to provide health benefits to her same-sex partner.

So what this particular Church of Christ is telling members, is mother’s who support their gay children are committing a sin and are no longer welcome to receive the good word in their house of the Lord. It was my understanding that as a parent, you love and support your children no matter what. You teach them right from wrong, good from bad, and show them the tools to make positive decisions on their own.

So when did this become a sin?

Linda Cooper did what any normal, Christian parent would do, she supported her daughter as she fought for her legal rights to be recognized by the city in which she chooses to live in. Kat Cooper, Linda’s daughter, was legally allowed to marry a same-sex partner. So under that same law she should have and was able to provide health benefits to her same-sex partner. This is what Linda Cooper was supporting and that is not a sin.

Linda Cooper was supporting Kat’s rights, under the law as they were written, not a human interpretation of sin in the bible. We, as a people, often times allow our own beliefs to overshadow the true meaning of the scriptures we read.

What if your son or daughter was a christian gay/lesbian warrior for the lord and decided to get married in a legal same-sex marriage state?

What if your son/daughter developed stage 4 cancer and they were unjustly denied health benefits?

Would you not fight for them, because by some interpretation of the bible, supporting their lifestyle is a sin?

WDYHTS (What do you have to say?)


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