I am so incredibly impressed right now. Daniel “Diggy” Simmons Jr. is tellin’ the world that he knows how to handle his business. The fact that he is 13 has nothing to do with this young man’s game. He is doing everything he can to show he has no intentions on living off of his father, hip hop mogul Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, but is creating his own legacy to pass on to his own family some day.diggy1

Just last year Diggy mentioned his ideas on launching a clothing line. However, he has decided to kick off his career with the release of his first mixtape. The First Flight was posted up @ GlobalGrind.

Now before I clicked I was just hoping for something real, something refreshing, something that I would listen to. Yes…I also had to keep in mind that young Simmons is only 13 years of age. BUT… age has nothing to do with talent! So I press play. I’m instantly impressed with his selection for his intro.

Classic Introduction, which is produced by Black the Beast, is a very classy intro. The verses flow seamlessly along the string laced track.

Hustle Simmons, produced by Young Jerz, has a heavy synth track and a nice hook. He had a couple of good lines in this one, but could have came a bit harder with this one.

Laid Back immediately had me movin. Black the Beast gets major love from Mz. Limitless because this track is retarded. I’ve never heard of Chris Classic before, but I will be learning more about him believe me. I’m already addicted to the hook.
Point to Prove…awe shucks! Lil Man got my head knockin. The vibe of the verses meshes with the track like it was just meant to sound that way…bangin! Yes Young Diggy… “You’ve created your own credibility.” You have positively proved your point. I apologize for falling into the stereotype of thinking he’s, “probably wack and rap about nothing.” I apologize. You have true God given talent and there is no question about that!

The Truth of Me is a look inside of Diggy’s world versus what people perceive of him. Often times when you see celebrity kids on reality shows you can easily get a perception of them being spoiled. The public doesn’t see EVERYTHING so they have to fill in their own assumptions. Diggy lets you know what he’s about. The producer name was not listed on the track, but I’m loving it. I’m diggin’ it Diggy. He came wit his “young” grown man on this one. I will say it… It was Jay Z’esque! Go ahead hate! I can say what I want.

Dreams, produced by Natural Disaster, reminds me of how hip hop used to be back in the day and I love it. Diggy you did the damn thizzle on this one.

Like A Star, produced by Young Jerz and feat. Young Jerz, sounds like the first single to me. That track is hot. Jerz verse is fire. Diggy you are a beast in the making lil dude. Another hook that I hear high ringtone sales on!

We Have a Problem, produced by Black the Beast, is a club banga. This is that song that you jump out ya seat on to go get ya cardio on to. Speaking of that I’m gonna have to add that to the Tae Bo playlist. Khalil kills the hook. “Houston I think we got a problem.” Yep and his name is Diggy!

On Make You Mine, produced by Black the Beast and feat. Lil Gavin and Lil Twist, Diggy does his thing on his “mushy” track. Another single and ringtone must have.

For those who question why Diggy would decide to put out a mixtape, he answers just that with What’s It All For. The track is produced by and featuring Neako. It’s a nice smoothed out track enlightening people that this ain’t a new thing, and it ain’t a fad. It is what it was always going to be… a reality. The hip hop tradition is reborn?!?!?

Ok so if you don’t know by now, I’m officially a fan of Black the Beast. He is a beast. I love the sounds he uses in his tracks. He and Diggy appear to click very well and it shows in the quality of the tracks they do together. On the track Fly Away, Diggy is sayin this what happens when I do me. Who is Karin Pasian? I’m loving her sound. Crisp and clean with no caffeine. Can’t wait to hear more from her. Another single hopeful.

On the outro, Gotta Make It, Diggy is trying to impress the idea that he ain’t going nowhere because he’s got to make it. Not hatin… not lovin it either.

On the last track, The First Flight Prequal , produced by Neako, Diggy spit enough fire to let people know he’s a worthy opponent so step up if ya want to test his skills.

All in all I was truly impressed with the mixtape. Young Simmons is definitely on his grizzy and should catch some new fans with this one for sure. I’m waiting on the ringtones now!

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