Even in conversation he exudes everything filled with class and style. His energy is so positive and so green you can’t help but get taken in by his personality. If you haven’t joined his “Greener” movement… make sure you check it out… www.cooloutrageous.com From writing the book Advance Your Swagger:Read More →

I have to say that of all the interviews I’ve conducted, this is one that really touched me in ways I didn’t expect. Richard is a beautiful spirit not letting his disabilities handicap his dreams.A tragic shooting makes Richard “Professir X” Gaskin prove there is life after paralysis. Life isRead More →

Check out my latest article on J’Adore Magazine.com…. We all know him as Bryan Michael Cox, B. Cox, or NachoJohnny on Twitter. Ocean’s 7 knows him as Leon Phelps aka The Texas Ranger. Thanks to Quincy Jones writing “Thriller” and the plethora of tracks created by Teddy Riley over theRead More →