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beliefnetI am a firm believer in the mind-set that if you “got your mind right” then you can accomplish your goals. Meaning, if I keep my faith in God first, self second, and focus on the goal third, I will accomplish everything. It may not be in the way I am thinking it should go, but in some way “a” goal gets accomplished. So in my search for new techniques etc. on meditating and spirituality I came across

The site boasts plenty of resources and is very easy to navigate. Look for a blog or two from their Financial Crisis Support section. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of the economy. Create your own financial outlook. And who doesn’t love Chicken Soup for the Soul. Basically if you’re into self advancement whether inspirationally, spiritually, or in faith, visiting will be a positive bright spot on your day! (Yes I know that inspirationally is not a word, but you understood my point right!?)

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