Aaliyah Rocks the Boat with the Original Nipplegate???

I was having a moment of frustration with the current state of music today when I decided to take a trip to the past. I went to my old playlists and began to reminisce. I remember the days of the “shiny suit man” and “the mad rapper”. Then Missy was doin her ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ thing, Ginuwine had us ridin’ the ‘Pony’, Timbaland and Magoo was makin us ‘Up Jump the Boogie’ and Ms. Aaliyah came along and began droppin’ them joints that were ‘Hot Like Fire’.


I never knew that Ms. Aaliyah was the victim of the “original” Nipplegate. DID YOU? My point: the track was fire, the video was simplistic creative genius, and Aaliyah was a true vision of pure beauty. Personified by the tragic loss of a starlette gone too soon, I am sadden by her death, but happy that it overshadowed this last image of her that will be frozen in time forever.

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